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I am the future of babysitting

Although it rarely receives accolades as a national pastime and treasure, babysitting is as American as hot dogs, graphic tees and saying that apple pie is solely rooted in American cuisine. Despite our many differences as a diverse and complex national population, we Americans come together time and time again to let our children be

When I die, respect my body

The last week of freezing temperatures has inspired me to revel in my own mortality, even more than the slate of events and homework assignments at Lawrence usually does. My place of employment—really more of a charitable use of my time, since I make the majority of my income off of my production of co-branded

Your potatoes make me sad

Sweet potatoes! Ye orange beacons shining forth from the shadowy memories of Thanksgiving, ye starchy suitors after my own heart in these wintry doldrums—snow has fallen and you all have completed your return from the depths of the earth. Each dawn has witnessed a vista of orange tubers, protecting the vulnerable dirt from unforgiving sunlight.

I demand a Shame Cubicle

The blank canvas of a six-week winter break can be intimidating for even the most super of seniors, and I found myself quaking with fear at the prospect of a month and a half of pre-winter term dread. Lacking the means to go abroad or the patience to spend time with my family, I decided

You dine like a coward

Most of the time, I try to be understanding of other people. I realize that everyone is raised with different values. I know that expecting everyone I meet to tolerate my beliefs is short-sighted and self-centered. But I am tired of feeling like a martyr. I am tired of feeling persecuted for my own beliefs,