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In defense of Bon Appétit

Bon Appétit is a polarizing presence on campus, to say the least. Some love it, some hate it. While many offer scathing critiques of Bon Appétit’s aggressive business practices, others choose to gripe about the quality of the food. Maybe it’s the “Lawrence Bubble” that makes us lose   perspective all too quickly. Maybe there are

Ignore the Dan Bilzerians in your life

Dan Bilzerian is a jack of many trades. He’s a businessman, a stunt double and a professional poker player. He’s in excellent physical shape and he’s stupendously rich. Dan Bilzerian’s newest capital venture is in the social media business. This time, Dan Bilzerian has chosen to market himself by being a professional jerk on the

Misrepresentation of Millennials on the web

I read an article on Politico last week called “Stop Talking ‘Bout My Generation” that discussed trends amongst Generation Y. According to some demographers, Generation Y is the group of Americans born between 1982 and 2004. What makes our generation unique is that we grew up during a period of astoundingly rapid technological development paired

Microsoft meddles with Minecraft

Last week it was announced that Mojang, the studio that created the sensational open-world hit videogame Minecraft would be acquired by Microsoft. Notch’s reasoning: he’s a programming monkey, not a multi-billion dollar CEO. Notch sold his studio away so that he could go back to doing what he loves. A noble cause indeed, but I,

Revitalizing Greek life at Lawrence

By the time this edition is printed, IFC and PanHel’s annual “Greek Week” will be closing after a very successful year, in part to the exec board members that reside under myself and the PanHel President. But this success is juxtaposed by a time when Fraternity life is more threatened than ever. Fraternity chapters across

On season 4, episode 3: Game of Thrones

This op-ed contains spoilers. I originally wanted to argue that the rape scene between Cersei Lannister and Jamie Lannister was entirely justified because it had powerful narrative value, was as shocking as rape could ever be portrayed on film and because it contributed slight variations on the book. However, on Tuesday I read the interview

Religious pressure on the Appalachian Trail

On our ORC trip along the Appalachian, we were often met with little tailgating stations called “trail magic,” tables often spread with granola bars, fresh coffee, water bottles and other small refreshments for weary hikers. These stations were set up mostly by Southern Baptist Congregations, who, for those who are unfamiliar, hold the teachings and

The Lawrence majors’ language barrier

I scratched my head over a dimly lit desk at my grandmother’s house over vacation one night, poring over the endless mess of charts and checklists I had made. I was kicking myself for failing to understand the seemingly elementary logic behind figuring out if I could potentially double-major in both government and philosophy. It