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Socially Conscious Comedy

Why are jokes funny in the first place? What functions can comedy serve in society? Why do we get away with problematic humor and what stops us from understanding ethical boundaries surrounding humor? These are the questions that plague my mind as I watch American culture flirt with problematic humor, as it lacks any real

The History of American Political Liberalism and Social Activism

Social activism is a proactive attempt to right the societal wrongs of society through the centralization of marginalized voices through various liberation movements. Social justice work mirrors the myriad of political, economic, social and spiritual ideologies coalescing in various manifestations without one central school of thought dominating discourse. However, political liberalism has melted into social

A Callout on Allyship, A Long Time Coming

Allyship is the continuous commitment to social justice work on the premise that we restore the lost privileges and denied rights of the marginalized: it is the living and breathing verb of action, not the stagnant noun of self-adulation and immediate gratification. This is a call to action because your continued apathy is a metastasis

Lawrence holds Community Initiatives in Sustainable Agriculture conference

This Friday and Saturday, April 11th and 12th, Lawrence University hosted the Community Initiatives in Sustainable Agriculture (CISA) conference. The program aims to educate the community about sustainable agriculture in the context of career and lifestyle choices. About 170 people attended the CISA conference, 40 from the Lawrence campus. Visiting students from schools, like University