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The Time that Donald Trump United Sports

Nobody noticed. It was just preseason. Those in attendance were there for fun and overpriced hot dogs and those actually paying attention were there to witness the pinnacle of human competitive spirit. Hundreds of individuals dressed in plastic body armor were vying for a coveted spot on the most prestigious 53-man working force in contemporary

Tax Evasion Doesn’t Make You Smart

During last week’s presidential debate, Donald Trump all but admitted to federal tax evasion. When flat-out asked by reporters after the debate if he was paying federal taxes, Trump avoided the question. There has been no legal action taken against the billionaire. In the same week, black teenager Ryan Turk was arrested and accused of

Why you don’t love either candidate

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are using mudslinging tactics in this election cycle. This is nothing new—mudslinging, or making the opposing candidate look bad, is a popular tactic that has been shown to work. However, the prevalence of its use on media outlets that Americans are constantly exposed to has drastically increased even in

Presidential candidates hold rallies in Appleton

As Wisconsin’s presidential primary approached, all eyes were focused on Appleton. On Tuesday, March 28, Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders hosted a town hall meeting at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. Sanders was followed by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, who held his campaign rally at the Radisson Paper Valley Hotel on March 30.