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Lecture educates on genome encryption

Lecture educates on genome encryption

Lauter used analogies to make her lecture easier to understand. Photo by Emma Gilshannon On Thursday, Sept. 21, Kristin Lauter returned to Lawrence to give a talk in the McDougal Lecture series titled “How to Keep Your Genome Secret”. She earned her BA, Master of Science and PhD all from the University of Chicago. So,

Immigration attorney educates on DACA

The presentation took place in the Cinema in the Warch Campus Center. Photo by Zoe Adler On Sept. 5, President Donald Trump rescinded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), leaving many undocumented immigrants unsure of their futures. On Sept. 14, Lawrence invited immigration attorney Mónica Santa María to speak about the current immigration environment

Final Povolny lecture of year educates on trade in Africa

Momodu Maligi wrapped up the lecture with a Q&A session. Photos by Emily Midyette. In the final lecture of the Povolny Lecture Series of 2016-2017, Momodu Maligi ‘04 explained the state of politics and the necessity of expanding trade in his country of Sierra Leone. The lecture took place in Steitz Hall Room 102 on

Geology colloquium educates on climate change

Malone explains the process of tropical glaciers melting. Photo by Billy Liu   On March 30, in the Thomas A. Steitz Hall of Science, Visiting Assistant Professor of Geology Andrew Malone, a Ph.D candidate from the University of Chicago presented his findings, as well as other facts, about tropical glaciers and climate change. The presentation

Biology lecture educates students on reverse ecology

Anne Pringle gives the final Recent Advances in Biology lecture of Fall Term. Photo by Emily Midyette On Monday, Nov. 7, students packed an auditorium in the Thomas A. Steitz Hall of Science for the last lecture of the “Recent Advances in Biology” series of the term. This week’s presentation was given by Associate Professor

Information session educates student body on BFRBs

Freshman Eileen Bauer gives the Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors presentation in the Kraemer Room. Photo by Luke Payne Hair-pulling, nail-biting and skin-picking are common Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs). They are not just habits or tics. In North America alone, 10 million people have a BFRB. “They’re more common than eating disorders,” said freshman and host of