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Staff editorial: Lackluster engagement in student governance needs to change

This year, there were several notable issues with the housing selection process. Two different groups, Women’s Empowerment Loft and Delta Tau Delta, were rejected for on-campus housing and went into the appeals board. Both groups had their appeals rejected. Whether or not these groups should have been granted on-campus housing is beside the point; rather,

Panel discusses ethical global engagement

On Tuesday April 11, GlobeMed at Lawrence hosted a panel on ethical global engagement in the Esch Hurvis room of the Warch Campus Center. The panelists included Professor of French and Milwaukee-Downer College and College Endowment Association Eilene Hoft-March, Stephen Edward Scarff Professor of International Affairs and Associate Professor of Government Jason Brozek, Visiting Scarff

CCSE looks for grant applications

On Thursday, Oct. 6, an informational meeting was held in the Warch Campus Center Cinema regarding the Council on Community Service and Engagement’s (CCSE) Humanitarian Projects Grant. Junior and current chair of CCSE Anita Li presented the information. The grant is Lawrence-sponsored and available to any student with an idea for a humanitarian aid project