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Women in STEM exhibit opens in Steitz atrium

Women in STEM exhibit opens in Steitz atrium

A student interacts with the artwork of Aedan Gerdill. Photo by Angelica Hurtado. On Thursday, May 18 at 4 p.m., the Steitz Atrium hosted “Women in STEM: An Art Exhibition.” Juniors Aedan Gardill and Lizzy Weekes created the exhibit for their Junior Studio Art Practicum and both were present for the exhibition’s opening, mingling with

Installation explores cosmogony, the origins of art in “Cosmogony 2.0”

Cosmogony, in a few words, is any theory regarding the origin of existence or sentient beings. What is real? How did we get here? What explanation is there for our mental attributes? These are the sort of questions that endlessly torment philosophers and physicists but Carol Emmons explores these questions as an artist in her