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Wriston Galleries Go Front-Heavy on Visiting Artists

Since the beginning of Spring Term, Carol Emmons, Jason Rohlf, and Shawn Sheehy, three very successful artists, have given talks in the art gallery. Apart from being a rare treat for Lawrence students of all majors, this was also very unique because all three speeches detailed their artistic techniques.  Many times artists that are featured

Lawrence Prepares for Prospective Students Weekends

Every spring, hundreds of prospective Lawrence students flood the campus during admitted students weekends, attempting to make one of the more difficult and confusing decisions or their young lives. It’s up to current Lawrence students to help inform and guide them by showing “prospies” the Lawrence that we know and love, and answering their questions

New noodle bar increases demand for alternative meal charges

Students unwilling to wait in long lines for their food can now get a new type of meal in the corner store. Director Greg installed a new noodle bar over spring break that offers both vegetarian and carnivorous options available for self-selection. Whether in the mood for cellophane noodles or soy sauce on daikon, the

Wild times ensue for those who participate in Trivia

The Great Midwest Trivia Contest is already adored by many. These capers wreak havoc across campus in a multitude of fashions, including silly costumes and indiscriminate screaming. While exciting and wacky, there are definitely some occupational hazards faced by everyone, on-and off-campus, involved in the Lawrence atmosphere. One of the most impressive demands placed upon