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Freshmen make their entrance to Lawrence theatre in “Street Scene”

This past Thursday, Feb. 20, saw the opening of the term’s theatre arts performance, “Street Scene.” The play is one of two productions of the same name that Lawrence is performing this winter.  Starting Thursday, March 6, the theatre will begin performing the opera Kurt Weil adapted from Elmer Rice’s original play. The first performance

Football players reflect on athlete stereotypes in academics

Football players make up a large subset of the Lawrence community, with a distinct presence in and out of the classroom. Many of the players live together in the Delt house and walk together through campus. Football players have a uniquely intimidating stature as athletes and are easily recognized. Even outside of season, they train

Brothels, donors and myths, oh my: The truth about sorority houses

It’s one of Lawrence’s undying rumors: Why don’t our sororities have group housing? “From what I’d heard around campus, the reason was because years ago some really wealthy donor gave a lot of money to Lawrence on the condition that sororities don’t have housing,” senior Abby Guthmann said. Another frequent speculation is that Appleton has

Connies and athletes united by a common lifestyle

When you see a group of students walking around campus sporting t-shirts and sweatpants, chances are you’re looking at a group of athletes. But don’t be turned off by their casual garb or pack-like mentality; it’s easy for athletes to get swept up into the world of sports that I like to call “gymnado.” Walking

How to: Avoid midterm slump

Is it just me or is fourth week a bit of wet blanket? A lot of people have expressed their distaste of the week before the offical middle of the term to me lately. From exams to projects, the year is in full swing. Perhaps everyone just thinks this term has been particularly bad because