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Secret Life: Kevin Goggins

After an extremely intensive and almost life-threatening experience working in a correctional , Kevin Goggins, a member of the Lawrence University Campus Security department, gladly chooses to spend the rest of his retirement ensuring the safety and comfort of the Lawrence community. He also extends his expertise by being an escort in the Chapter 980

#BacktotheBronx brings New York City perspective to Lawrence

This term, Lawrence has gained a powerful new voice on WLFM with “#BacktotheBronx.” Juniors Andre Augustine, Brienne Colston and Jazmin Astwood-Padilla are bringing a taste of their home borough to students while opening up dialogues about complicated and important topics like race and sexuality. “I saw WLFM as a platform that wasn’t really being used,”

Summer jobs provide work experience and new perspectives

Though it may be hard to believe now, with persistent freezing temperatures and stubborn snow piled on the ground, summer is fast approaching and with it numerous employment opportunities. Lawrence offers several different types of summer jobs, ranging from painting the walls in the dorms to manning the info desk, and many students take advantage

Secret life of our faculty: Steven Wulf

The only political theorist at Lawrence University, Associate Professor of Government Steven Wulf has been teaching such areas as political theory, constitutional law and philosophy for the past 12 years. In his classes, he asks students what governments should and shouldn’t do through engaging anecdotes and thought experiments. He’s clearly enthusiastic about the subject, as

Freshmen make their entrance to Lawrence theatre in “Street Scene”

This past Thursday, Feb. 20, saw the opening of the term’s theatre arts performance, “Street Scene.” The play is one of two productions of the same name that Lawrence is performing this winter.  Starting Thursday, March 6, the theatre will begin performing the opera Kurt Weil adapted from Elmer Rice’s original play. The first performance

Football players reflect on athlete stereotypes in academics

Football players make up a large subset of the Lawrence community, with a distinct presence in and out of the classroom. Many of the players live together in the Delt house and walk together through campus. Football players have a uniquely intimidating stature as athletes and are easily recognized. Even outside of season, they train