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Dining in Dairyland: Chocolate Banana Smoothie

Ingredients 3/4 cup chocolate milk 1 frozen banana 2 tbsp. unsweetened cocoa powder A sprinkle of cinnamon 1/3cup yoghurt, preferably vanilla 1 tsp. instant coffee powder (optional) 2 tbsp. nut butter (optional) Oatmeal (optional)   Recipe All the ingredients except the instant coffee and cocoa powder can be found in the cafeteria, so start collecting

A fifth-year’s perspective on food of Lawrence past

Lawrence has undergone some fairly significant changes this year, from what it’s lost (LU-R1 program) to what it’s gained (a new president). But by the nature of the university system, wherein students cycle through every four (or sometimes five) years, it’s difficult to know the context and longer-term effects of some of these changes. We

Busting campus rumors: What’s really in the campus food?

It’s a bizarre rumor, but that doesn’t stop it from being passed down through generations of Lawrentians: Do institutional food services, including our own Bon Appétit, put laxatives in the cafeteria food? Of course, the answer is no. “Bon Appétit does not, nor ever would, put any foreign substance in any of our food,” says

Dining in Dairy Land- Fratellos: A Review

The warm, simple interior of Fratellos was a lovely contrast to the long, slushy walk from Lawrence. Although it’s roughly a twenty-minute walk from campus, it is definitely worthwhile for a unique date or dinner with friends. The building that houses Fratellos used to be the “Vulcan Street Plant,” the world’s first hydroelectric plant built