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Big Ten Football Is the Best

One of the hardest questions to answer about college athletics is who has the toughest schedule. This often then comes down to what conference a team plays in, since they will face the same eight or nine teams every year. Although Alabama (SEC) remains the number one ranked team (rightfully so) in the nation by

Football: Close Loss

This past Saturday the Lawrence football team went to Lake Forest to play against evenly matched opponents. So far this season the Vikings ranking hasn’t been set to one course of just winning or losing, with a standing of 2-5, and 1-4 for the Mid-West Conference. The Vikings started strong; leading the first quarter 7-0

Football players reflect on athlete stereotypes in academics

Football players make up a large subset of the Lawrence community, with a distinct presence in and out of the classroom. Many of the players live together in the Delt house and walk together through campus. Football players have a uniquely intimidating stature as athletes and are easily recognized. Even outside of season, they train

NFL hazing no longer “Incognito”

On Monday, Oct. 28, offensive lineman Jonathan Martin left the Miami Dolphins, citing “emotional” reasons. Within the two weeks since Martin’s departure, a great deal of evidence has surfaced indicating shocking instances of bullying that occurred with the Dolphins organization. The most directly damning bit of evidence was a voicemail that pro-bowl guard Richie Incognito left on Martin’s cellphone.