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Competitive Play from men and women’s soccer teams

Competitive Play from men and women’s soccer teams

Senior Lewis Burger making a play on the ball. Photo by Caroline Garrow It has been a busy week in Viking athletics. Amidst a flood of high school athletic recruits visiting campus, there have been a number of exciting home competitions. Never to disappoint, the men’s and women’s soccer teams have played a combined four

Letter to the Editor: I will not graduate from Lawrence, I will have overcome it

Lawrence University is an institution rooted in white supremacy. The message sent to students of color has repeatedly been an overwhelming “you do not belong here,” and while there were strides made to fix the racist orthodoxy of this campus, events this past week reminds us of the historical and structural oppression that is grafted

Letter from the Editor

  This May 26 issue will be our last for the 2016-17 school year, and once again, the Lawrence community has started a heated discussion on free speech that we have yet to fully explore. Freedom of speech is a concept that I hold dear to my heart, because growing up in Vietnam and Singapore,

Views From A PWI

I have been told that attending a predominantly white institution, or a PWI, as a person of color is a learning experience in and of itself. Lawrence is no exception. Growing up on the west coast of the United States, I was not immune to bigotry, underrepresentation, or prejudice, but I experienced it on a

Takeaways from the First Presidential Debate

Lawrence faculty, staff and students come together to discuss the debate. Photo by Billy Liu Last Monday, Oct. 3, Hofstra University hosted the first presidential debate of 2016, pitting Republican candidate Donald Trump against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. The debate covered a broad range of topics, mostly dealing with the security of the nation, growth