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Athlete Profile: A true one-year wonder in Peyton Hillis

Football is the closest thing in America to a gladiator sport — it’s no surprise that superstars fall apart every year between injuries, stress and personal issues. As we know it now, football will never be a completely safe game, and some top-tier players will have their careers cut short. Sometimes, though, an unstoppable force

Junior Kelsi Bryant re-elected as LUCC President

LUCC President, junior Kelsi Bryant has begun planning for her upcoming term in office. Photo by Pei Robins. After another round of elections, the Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) has a new president; junior Kelsi Bryant was selected over her opponent, Judicial Board member junior Jessica Toncler. As an incumbent to the position, this was

This Week in Sports History: Super Bowl XXIX

Victory in sports is never guaranteed, much less in a high-risk, high-intensity game like American football. No sport is as war-like and, just as in a real battle, the outcome can never be predicted. In the same way, though, the superiority of one all but guarantees a defeat for the other. Super Bowl XXIX, on