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BREAKING: GLOW releases list of demands, announces in campus center

BREAKING NEWS: The Gay, Lesbian Or Whatever (GLOW) student organization recently released a list of demands.  GLOW has called for greater accessibility to gender-neutral housing, bathrooms and locker rooms. In addition, the students are demanding safe space availability and training, appropriate use of pronouns, discontinuance of deadnaming, and greater facility to change names. Overall, the

Consider more than two options with gender-neutrality in video games

Lawrence has seen quite a bit of discussion about gender-neutral bathrooms recently. However, bathrooms are not the only place where gender-neutrality is an issue. While the stark dichotomy between bathroom doors may be the simplest demonstration of how gendered our lives are, media also plays a massive role in creating gender. Video games may be

Providing the comfort of gender-neutral bathrooms

Personally, the gender-neutral bathroom topic does not affect me. Within the dorms and buildings around campus, I feel incredibly comfortable. But for transgender and gender-nonconforming students, gender-specific locations such as the bathroom may come with a sense of discomfort. While there are many students who would not understand the benefits of the addition of gender-neutral

CODA pushes for gender-neutral bathrooms with petition

This February, many Lawrentians are working together in order to get at least one centralized and accessible gender-neutral bathroom in each academic and residence building. Gender neutral bathrooms are facilities that are not explicitly labeled for either men nor women. “Gender-neutral bathrooms are the same as family bathrooms,” said junior Eli Massey. “Gender-neutral bathrooms are