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Staff Editorial: Prioritize Student Housing

Walking Lawrence’s campus, one is presented with many buildings in a varying state of upkeep. At one end of the spectrum is Sampson House, the office of the President, in pristine condition. At the other end is Sabin House, the former house of Greenfire and several other campus organizations throughout the years. However, Sabin House

Thoughts on group housing

Consider for a moment what the layout of our campus would look like if the group houses were selected by our administrators and deans rather than the students. This is a theoretical exercise. Group living has been placed more firmly in the hands of the student body than ever, a decision that has its own

Letter to the Editor: Morgan Edwards-Fligner

To the Editor,   I’d like to address The Lawrentian’s editorial from this past issue. Although I agree with some of the opinions discussed, others seemed to be poorly informed. I agree that the initial rejection of the Anchor Loft application seemed unjustified, and that this year’s process should have been more transparent. With regards

LUCC passes housing legislation before completing transition

Lawrence University Community Council (LUCC) held its final General Council meeting of the term on Monday, Feb. 29. This meeting was especially significant as the student government passed two pieces of legislation and transitioned its cabinet. The first legislation was the revised group living policy that has been on the drawing board for over a

LUCC discusses housing plan with emphasis on inclusivity

On Feb. 8, Lawrence University Community Council’s (LUCC) Residence Life Committee introduced new legislation regarding formal theme and group housing. This new system, called “Group Living,” allows for individuals to come together with or without an organization backing them to live in a group space. Despite this, group living still requires students to have a