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World News

North Korea On Sept. 25, Ri Yong-ho, the North Korean foreign minister, accused Donald Trump of declaring war on the country. This accusation was in response to a tweet Trump wrote which made a snide comment about the President of North Korea, Kim Jong-un, in which Trump called Jong-un “Little Rocket Man.” Yong-Ho also asserted

Staff Editorial: ASA should cease boycott

Last week President Mark Burstein and the Provost and Dean of Faculty, Dave Burrows, issued a joint statement opposing the recent boycott of Israeli academic institutions by groups like the American Studies Association (ASA) and Association for Asian American Studies. In their statement, they stressed the importance of the exchange of ideas and “the freedom

Between the Dome of the Rock and a hard place

Recently, President Mark Burstein and Provost David Burrows decided that Lawrence would not be joining the American Studies Association (ASA)’s boycott of Israeli academic institutions. The result was inevitably polarizing. On Lawrence’s Facebook group, the post immediately gathered plenty of yeas and boos, followed by some standard pro- or anti-Zionist rhetoric. As a Jew myself,