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Winter Lane

I kicked a chunk of ice along my path, bored with the same sidewalk and the same routine that I took every day to school. At least there was a change in the typical rainy weather … but that change came with snow. Why?! At least high-school was almost over. Although, as soon as that

Contamination: Investigation

“Come in,” I replied to the knock on my office door, before waving my visitor to the cozy chair across from me. “What can I help you with, Ms. Carrot?” “Thanks for coming in today. It’s unfortunate that this issue requires a private investigator, but we simply need to get to the bottom of this

Why dating over distance is hard

The very first article I ever wrote for The Lawrentian two years ago was about why maintaining long distance relationships—whether among friends, family or a significant other—is worth the effort it takes to stay in touch. With the incredibly rare exception of people who go to school close to home and have had no individuals

LSO presents “Three Masterpieces”

Last weekend, Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra (LSO) performed their first concert of the year. The Friday, Oct. 16 performance, “Three Masterpieces,” included works by Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Gabriel Fauré and Antonín Dvořák. “Three Masterpieces” was the first Lawrence concert conducted by Visiting Director of Orchestral Studies Thom Ritter George. George and the LSO musicians did an

Be more productive by doing less

Overwhelmed with my heavy workload, I was compelled to read the comments that students wrote on the “do less, be more” posting near the Conservatory office a few weeks ago. The display provides students with markers to write ways to cut back on something they are doing, or change a small habit to make better