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Don’t forget snail mail

By Jess Morgan Snail mail is too easily dismissed. With all of the technology at our fingertips, it is almost unheard of to send or receive letters. Text messages and emails are received much more quickly, but they’re not as personal as the art of a written note. While we’re away at college, letters are

No backpacks, coats or trust in Corner Store

By Jess Morgan This past week, I was shocked when asked to leave my backpack outside of our campus’s favorite convenient store. The sign outside that read, “Coats, backpacks, purses, etc. are not permitted in Kate’s Corner Store,” was unexpected on our safe and friendly campus. The new rule came into effect after a shoplifting

“Price of an Education” not fit for Lawrence

By Jess Morgan “Price of an Education,” which replaced “Sex Signals” from previous years, was eagerly awaited by freshmen, welcome week leaders and residence life staff alike. When everyone filed into Stansbury Theatre on Thursday, Sept. 11, attendees were expecting a show that would be an “entertaining, yet informative series of comedic and dramatic scenes

Transcend the blanket fort

Choosing a major and career path can be a concern for multi-interested and too-talented-for-your-own-good Lawrence students. The more opportunities for consideration, the more difficult it becomes to focus on fewer interests and pursuits, both during and after college. Occasionally I hear the advice from adults or peers that “You will figure it all out.” We

Providing the comfort of gender-neutral bathrooms

Personally, the gender-neutral bathroom topic does not affect me. Within the dorms and buildings around campus, I feel incredibly comfortable. But for transgender and gender-nonconforming students, gender-specific locations such as the bathroom may come with a sense of discomfort. While there are many students who would not understand the benefits of the addition of gender-neutral