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Swimmers split with St. Norbert

This past weekend, the Vikings’ swim team faced off against St.Norbert’s. It was evenly matched, with the men’s team falling 148-51 but the women managing to take down the Green Knights 117-108.  The Lawrentian interviewed senior Natasha Statz who competed in the women’s 200-yard medley relay as well as the women’s 100-yard breaststroke and women’s

Senior soccer success stories

Last weekend, the men’s and women’s soccer teams had their annual senior night, a game and day devoted to honoring the seniors and all that they have done through their athletic career for their programs. This article features five seniors who were asked a variety of questions ranging from simple ones, like how many years

Coach’s Corner: Jocelyn Kleiber

Kelli Quick: Why are you interested in being the women’s hockey head coach? Where and how did your interest for hockey start? Did you used to play yourself?  Coach Kleiber: Becoming the women’s hockey coach here at Lawrence was a very intriguing position to me because of the professional goals I have for myself. I

Fencing Flames the competition at LU Open

The Vikings fencing team was well-represented in the rankings in last weekend’s competition in their only home match of the season. Senior Jakub Nowak won the mixed epee title for the men while juniors Vinzenz Mayer and Cameron Maas tied for third. Fencing’s first-year Vikes had a blazing start to their season, with freshmen Timothy

Volleyball steals one from Carroll

Photo by Sebastian Evans. This past weekend, the Vikings played against Carroll College. The first set was neck-and-neck with Carroll winning by only 2 points. We dropped off in the second set and then rallied our way back in the third. The final score was three to one, with Carroll sealing the game in the

Annual Lawrence University golf outing

The Lawrence University golf outing takes place every year and this year it will occur June 13-14. The golf outing is an event that creates an opportunity for the athletics department to gather alumni, parents, community supporters and friends to have one day devoted to enhancing and advancing Lawrence athletics. It’s a fundraiser and an

Ultimate frisbee: Creating future leaders

The ultimate frisbee club, the LU Frisbee Association, requires its members to combine the skills of precision and athleticism in order to be successful. Every member of the team has joined for their own personal reasons. Junior team caption Hannah Goodrich said, “I started playing ultimate my sophomore year of high school, and I instantly