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To jorts or not to jorts

As the temperatures start rising, the long pants are being put away in the closet. Mostly, I’m ecstatic. Winter and COVID really were taking an intense toll on me. However, one qualm I have is that I don’t know which shorts are in style. Right? Is anyone else having this issue? Like… I feel as

Nose Piercings!

So, this week, I can’t help but think about piercings. Right? I’ve had my nose pierced for about…  what is it… 4 years now? I’m trying to recall the time I did it, and why I wanted it so badly. I feel like for the four years this little hoop in my nose has been

Skirts, Friends and Music!

As I was thrifting today, I was struck by many marvelous maxi skirts. There were floral, striped, plaid and so many more types. However, I was even-more-struck by the t-length skirts. I found the most mesmerizing skirt. It was black with blue flowers up and down it. It was literally calling my name. It was

Comfort vs. Fashion

Why do we shame people for wearing sweatpants outside of the home? They’re comfy! That’s something that I’m starting to realize lately is that sometimes it is important to prioritize comfort over fashion. As a kid, I always wore sweatpants or leggings to school. It was so much easier than jeans. And let’s face it,

Velvet, in or out?

Alright, I’m torn. I’ll admit it.  I can’t tell if everyone still loves velvet. Like, is it weird to still wear? Sometimes I feel a little tone def when it comes to trends being “in” or “out”. What can I say, I’m an anomaly! Anyway, the issue here is I have such worries, and one

Silver or Gold?

In my opinion, I can tell a lot by which metal someone wears for their jewelry. A silver lady? A gold lady? It tells a lot about somebody. Obviously not anything TOO serious, but it’s gotta mean something, right? I don’t mean real gold, I mean gold as a color. Plated gold! Growing up I

The Joys of EBay

Wow! A whole new term! Crazy, right? Over spring break, fashion was definitely something that plagued my thoughts. In this sense, plague was defi- nitely a bad thing. When left to my own devices for ten-ish days I con- stantly found myself scrolling on Depop. Spending hours focusing on the prices of some thrifted favorites,


In my geometry class during my sophomore year of high school, there was a girl who wore a bunch of rings on like … all of her fingers. It was probably the equivalent to wearing a pair of brass knuckles, and that’s pretty cool if you ask me. I admired the ability to wear rings

Cowboy Boots, I Love You

So, I have another dilemma. A fashion dilemma and a big one. It has to do with shoes and the fact that I want more than I can afford. I know what you’re thinking. Yes. This is a small dilemma. However, to me it is very important. Throughout my 20 years of life on this