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This Hobby of Mine — Jacob Deck

Hobbies are fundamental aspects of ourselves. They help define who we are as individuals; they are the things we choose to immerse ourselves in with what little free time we have. This column aims to explore the vast range of unique and interesting hobbies and pastimes hidden within the Lawrence community, and to grant insight

An Evening of Poetry with Kiki Petrosino

A copy of Petrosino’s book of poetry, Witch Wife, signed by the poet.  Photo by Larissa Davis. On Apr. 25, visiting poet Kiki Petrosino read from her books of poetry at 7 p.m. in the Wriston Art Galleries. Prior to the readings, Assistant Professor of English Melissa Range first introduced Petrosino and read the Lawrence

Cultural Competency Lecture on Islamophobia

Associate Professor of Religious Studies Martyn Smith delivered this week’s Cultural Competency lecture on Islamophobia. Photo by Larissa Davis. In order to bring awareness to Islamophobia, Associate Professor of Religious Studies Martyn Smith gave a cultural competency lecture titled, “Islam in America: The Success Story of Dearborn, Michigan.” This lecture and the discussion that followed

The Lawrence Passion Project: Naomi Oster

Mathematics major and Gender Studies minor and senior Naomi Oster talks about her experiences as LUCC Vice President and as a high achieving senior at Lawrence. Photo by Larissa Davis. What does it mean to be engaged, to be empathetic, and to strive for understanding at Lawrence University? What does fulfillment at Lawrence University look

The Lawrence Passion Project: Kate Kilgus

Mathematics and clarinet performance double-major and fifth-year Kate Kilgus talks about her work. Photo by Larissa Davis. This column intends to find out what it means to be empathetic, to strive for understanding and to document fulfillment in action by having conversations with students working on Senior Experience Projects at Lawrence on how they are