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Artist behind “Violeur” stickers discusses artistic process, motivation and activism

Artist behind “Violeur” stickers discusses artistic process, motivation and activism

By Laura leppink Everyday you see posters advertising the latest campus activity, the next big party or perhaps a student recital. With so many of these announcements around campus you may be inclined to gloss over them or ignore them completely. However, the latest sticker showing up on campus posting areas is capturing more attention.

Lawrentians Abroad

By Laura Leppink Morgan Edwards-Fligner is a Junior studying abroad in Chile as a part of the IES Abroad Santiago program. Here is a bit about her experience there.   Why did you choose your particular program? I wanted to study Spanish in Latin America, and the idea of Chile really appealed to me because

Is it working? Checking in with CORE leaders and participants

Following their CORE meetings, CORE leaders senior Emma Huston and juniors Andrew Hill and Allison Brooks-Conrad sat sipping their drinks of choice and discussing the specifics of the evening. The CORE topic for the evening covered intersectionality and inclusion, which followed last week’s topic of privilege. This topic sparked conversation among the three who discussed

Preparing for a concert at Lawrence University

By Laura Leppink During a rehearsal for the upcoming Oct. 16 Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra concert and Oct. 17 Lawrence University Wind Ensemble and Symphonic Band Concert, students shared what they are excited about and Associate Professor of Music and Director of Bands, Andrew Mast talked about his experience so far with Wind Ensemble.  

Portraits of Lawrence

By LauraLeppink What do you think your shoes say about you? “I believe they say cool, comfortable and quietly confident.” What’s important about that? “Though material objects can’t define your self-confidence, I truly believe that doing and wearing certain things that make you feel good can give you the little boost of confidence needed to get