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Hanneke Cassel and Mike Block visit Lawrence

In recent years, fiddle music and tradition has gained a surprising following at Lawrence. More students than ever have been joining Fiddlers of Lawrence University (FLU), a student organization that gathers every Wednesday to discuss and learn new tunes from around the world. Conservatory and college musicians are happy to find this outlet for their

Staff Editorial: We are not a healthy campus

This August, Lawrence University received the 2016 Healthy Campus Award from the nonprofit Active Minds in recognition of recent efforts to increase awareness about campus mental and physical health. While this award and these efforts should be celebrated, it is worth noting that this award does not reflect the effectiveness of such measures or Lawrentians’

Earth Day Celebration turns Lawrence green

Last Saturday, April 23, Lawrentians enjoyed the sunshine outside Main Hall green while participating in fun and earth-friendly activities during the annual Greenfire Earth Day Celebration. This is a part of Greenfire’s mission to educate the Lawrence community about a variety of environmental issues while taking steps to reduce the environmental impact of the campus

Improving life at Lawrence

Students, staff and faculty gathered in the Warch Campus Center’s Nathan Marsh Pusey Room and Somerset Room on Thursday, April 14, for a casual event called the LU Community Conversation. For three hours, community members had the chance to discuss issues that concerned them, as well as suggestions for how to improve life at Lawrence.

Lawrence hosts MIDSEM conference

Lawrence hosted the annual meeting of the Midwest Chapter of the Society for Ethnomusicology (MIDSEM) this past weekend, Friday, Apr. 4 through Sunday, Apr. 6. The conference was held mainly in the Music-Drama Center and WCC, and included world music workshops, academic paper presentations and panels, a keynote speaker and musical performances. Although the Society

Move to Amend Representative Recruits Students to Change Constitution

Wisconsin is aiming to become the 17th state to pass a resolution in favor of amending the constitution. Move To Amend, a nationwide coalition, is leading this pursuit and focusing specifically on overturning Citizens United. Currently, the US government recognizes corporations with Constitutional rights and privileges. Move To Amend describes this as equating money to

Staff Editorial: American Sign Language at Lawrence

While Lawrence University offers a healthy variety of languages, we currently lack any curricular opportunities to learn American Sign Language (ASL). While ASL is not technically a foreign language, it remains unfamiliar to many Americans. Our society lacks the ability to communicate with the deaf community, which studies estimate includes over one million Americans. As

Reality doesn’t come with trigger warnings: Should our classes?

Our generation is lucky. We live in a time in which, at least in intellectual environments such as Lawrence, people work to be as considerate and accepting of others as possible. Not that there is always agreement on what it means to be “considerate” and “accepting,” but Lawrentians and others make a solid effort to

Office of Development launches crowdfunding platform for students

This year, Lawrence University has developed a crowdfunding program called LU Blue Start. The program is designed to connect students seeking funding for extracurricular projects with alumni who want their donations to Lawrence to have an instant and visible impact on the lives of students. Crowdfunding is a type of investing that calls on smaller