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A fifth-year’s perspective on food of Lawrence past

Lawrence has undergone some fairly significant changes this year, from what it’s lost (LU-R1 program) to what it’s gained (a new president). But by the nature of the university system, wherein students cycle through every four (or sometimes five) years, it’s difficult to know the context and longer-term effects of some of these changes. We

Staff Editorial: The right kind of communication

Glance at the wall of posters by the Corner Store or the official Lawrence University calendar and experience an unfiltered information overload. Event advertisements in dorms and campus buildings vary from building to building and range from applied-on-every-surface to notably-absent. For a campus the size of 84 acres, there is a lot happening between the

Better than average

Grade inflation is one of those provocative conversation starters like Social Security, Chris Christie and re-gifting, where no consensus of what should be done about them has been established; but it may finally be leaving its questionable friends forever. Yes, you heard right: All your better-than-average self-beliefs are at last valid. Thanks to the all-too-real

Inauguration ceremony includes diverse welcome for Burstein

Lawrence was witness to a historic event this past Saturday, Oct. 26 as Mark Burstein was inaugurated as the university’s sixteenth president. The audience at Memorial Chapel included current students, alumni, staff and community members, all of whom were ready to give a formal welcome to Burstein, who took office at the beginning of July.