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“Spainish Snafus”

Once upon a time there lived a young woman who found herself traveling about and intended to take a bus to the airport to begin an adventure. Despite having previously only traveled by train, she felt she had a pretty good idea of where this bus stop was located and was sure to plan ahead,

…And All That Jazz: “10 Tips for Studying Abroad in Europe”

1. Pack lightly. Remember, you are what you wear. Essential pieces include one giant sun hat, several Hawaiian-print button-ups, white tube socks and an excessively large street map of your choice. 2. Be patient with the internet connection. It may say free Wi-Fi, it may allegedly connect to said free Wi-Fi after providing your name,

“No Roaming Fees”

Last fall, I met up with a lovely friend of mine from Lawrence who was also studying abroad. We made plans to spend a day together in Florence—I know what you’re thinking: what college student just “meets up” with a friend in a foreign country and why would anyone find such serendipity worth reading about?

“Thoughts From Spain”

Having spent the better part of the year in Spain, I’m realizing that all the flowery talk about getting to know oneself through experience abroad is actually true. But it’s not because everything goes smoothly. It’s not because you book an Airbnb for a steal one weekend and enjoy terrace views of worn, burnt-orange rooftops