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Besiege the pink dollhouse: Feminism and Femininity

Too often, feminists and non-feminists alike equate feminism with anti-femininity. The occasional devil’s advocate loves to ask how someone can identify as a feminist and still wear lipstick or jewelry. Real women don’t wear pink: \Aren’t we supposed to chop off our hair and strangle the patriarchy with our burning bras? No, at least not

The joy of arguing

Arguing is underrated. Too many folks avoid their differences and see arguments as nothing but a source of stress. But why else would anyone read the Op/Ed section, peek at Youtube comments or study Plato? Disagreement does not always cause pain; we gain a certain joy from seeing others reaffirm or oppose our own views.

Consider more than two options with gender-neutrality in video games

Lawrence has seen quite a bit of discussion about gender-neutral bathrooms recently. However, bathrooms are not the only place where gender-neutrality is an issue. While the stark dichotomy between bathroom doors may be the simplest demonstration of how gendered our lives are, media also plays a massive role in creating gender. Video games may be