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Diversity Center welcomes LU community

The Diversity Center is open most of the day to all students. Photo by Allegra Taylor Despite every effort Lawrence makes to build a campus where all people can feel safe and welcomed, there are still areas where students feel they can’t express themselves in full, explained the Diversity Center Social Media Coordinator and sophomore

LU Live reacquaints students with university music scene

B. Lilly performs during LU Live. Photo by Taylor Blackson On Friday, Sept. 15, five bands competed for a cash prize at the LU Live event in Esch-Hurvis Studio. The event took place right after the Activities Fair, as newly arrived Lawrentians were welcomed to campus for the year. The acts competed for 500 dollars

Deep Listeners of LU hold “Ocean of Sound” event

On March 28, the Deep Listeners of LU club hosted their third annual “Ocean of Sound” event, titled “Pauline’s Dream” in the Wellness Center gym. Students were invited to bring pillows and yoga mats to place on the floor and listen to a “sea of sound” performed by club members. The musicians set up their

Bunnies of LU

As anyone who has spent any moderate amount of time at Lawrence can attest, this campus is filled with bunnies. We’ve got fast ones, fluffy ones, relaxed ones, baby ones, social ones and chubby ones (though honestly the list could go on and on). Our campus seems to contain just about every type of “bun”

LU pride game supports You Can Play

This past weekend, the Lawrence University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) sponsored the LU Pride Game, where proceeds from the game went to the You Can Play Project. The LU Pride Game was when Lawrence’s Men and Women’s Basketball teams played against Monmouth College. You Can Play is a project that works with those of the

LU Teams of the Week: Lawrence Women’s Swimming

Photo by Emei Thompson   This week I got the pleasure to talk with the Women’s Swim Team captains—seniors Danielle Millin, Rebecca Schachtman and Paige Witter. The swim team recently took the third place in the Private College Championship. During that meet, Millin won the 200-yard backstroke in a time of 2:18.72 and Witter won

LU Teams of the Week: Lawrence Men’s Swimming

Photo by Emei Thompson   This week I interviewed one of the men’s swim captains, junior Travis Charlow. Last week, the Men’s Swim Team was named Scholar All-American by the College Swimming and Diving Coaches Association of America for their combined 3.01 GPA. Arianna Cohen: Both the Men’s and Women’s Swim Teams were just named

Language tables as LU learning tradition

Language tables have always been a long-standing and established hallmark of language instruction and learning at Lawrence. For each language department, language tables are offered twice a week. They are one-hour conversational sessions required in some classes, but are mostly optional. For lower level classes, it is required five times per term. Seniors in the