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First Fabulous Guest – The Lawrentian Podcast

This week Luther and Fariba welcome the incomparable Molly Ruffing ’22 to the podcast. We discuss paper production, pestilence, and pedantry. Thank you to Caro Granner, Clover Austin-Muehleck, Yidi Zhang, Xiaoya Gao, and Moreau Halliburton for sharing their music with us! Find the podcast on Spotify or the Apple Podcast app. Music: “Sweet Girl” by

Welcome, All – The Lawrentian Podcast

The show must go on! When campus closed and the newspaper shuttered, a few hardy student writers overcame a pandemic to provide the very best in Lawrence University opinion, news, and twaddle.  Listen to the first episode where Luther and Fariba introduce the podcast and themselves to the listeners. Beaches, economists, and plague are discussed

What in the World: Campus jobs are a crock

Go forth young person and think not of campus employment. We are living in a community rife with low-skill opportunities that pay significantly better than whatever job you may have on campus. A cursory glance through LinkedIn’s job openings shows a cornucopia of employment options. Forklift operator, urinalysis observer — a job I have personally

What in the World: Democrats faceplant

You have probably seen the clip on YouTube. Jeff Daniels playing a news anchor on a political discussion panel in the HBO drama “Newsroom” is asked, “What makes America the greatest country in the world?” He saucily replies, “It isn’t.” Everyone gasps and looks flabbergasted. Sensing an opportunity to roast anyone and everyone, he proceeds