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The Conspiracy Is to Make You Stop Fighting

Well…a lot has happened this week. I’ve talked a bit about how we’re in unknown territory, and how the world’s economy is based on oil and that is quickly becoming unnecessary, but the fact that the Trump administration has already begun this level of awfulness so quickly is something surprising to me. The Muslim ban

How to Make the Most out of Fall

The colors orange, yellow, and brown seem to be appearing more throughout campus not only with the leaves, but with posters and decorations celebrating that fall is here. To help contribute to the spirit of fall, here are numerous things that you can get pumped about this season. Some quintessential fall activities you cannot miss

Tax Evasion Doesn’t Make You Smart

During last week’s presidential debate, Donald Trump all but admitted to federal tax evasion. When flat-out asked by reporters after the debate if he was paying federal taxes, Trump avoided the question. There has been no legal action taken against the billionaire. In the same week, black teenager Ryan Turk was arrested and accused of