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World News

Yemen At least 80 Yemeni soldiers were killed while in prayer and 130 more were injured in a missile attack on a mosque. The attack came from the Houthi rebel group, who are backed by the Iranian government. This attack is just one in a years-long civil war where Yemen, Saudi Arabia and the United

Tiny Box Office Presents: Milou de Meij

On Sunday, May 5, at 7 p.m., professors and students alike gathered around the Lawrence University Box Office in the Music-Drama Center. The atmosphere remained casual, with audience members chatting and even breaking out into singing the theme song from the “The Office” before the performance began. Fifth-year Emmylou (Milou) de Meij, a double degree

Concert Review: Wade Fernandez

On Wednesday, Apr. 17, at 7 p.m., the Ethnic Studies department presented a performance by Menominee musician Wade Fernandez (Walks with the Black Wolf) in the Nathan Marsh Pusey Room at the Warch Campus Center. Fernandez has won significant awards for his many albums as well as for his leadership and activism. Professor of French

Hal Grossman Talk: No Pain, All Gain

On Monday, Apr. 1, at 7:30 p.m. in Harper Hall, violinist Hal Grossman conducted a workshop titled “No Pain, All Gain.” Grossman holds the position of Associate Professor of Violin at the University of Louisville, has performed in prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall and won several awards, including first prize at the National Fischoff

World Music Series bring Afro-Brazilian sound to Lawrence

Projeto Arcomusical performs in Harper Hall. Photo by Taylor Blackson. On Wednesday, Feb. 6, the World Music Concert Series presented a performance by Projeto Arcomusical at 8 p.m. in Harper Hall. Led by Greg Beyer ’95, Projeto Arcomusical comprises six musicians who play the Afro-Brazilian berimbau, a musical bow with a single string pulled taut

Cello player wows with workshop & concert

Known for the YouTube video titled “I LOVE TOFU!!!” and other hits songs like “I Peed on a Bird,” Rushad Eggleston remains one of the most eccentric performers of our day. Self-described as a “joy-spreader” and “cello goblin,” Eggleston shared new techniques and performance practices with Lawrence on Sunday, Feb. 3, in a workshop followed

Faculty shows high caliber talent at recital

On Friday, Jan. 25, four Conservatory faculty members collaborated for an excellent recital in Harper Hall. Lecturer of Music and soprano Esther Oh Zabrowski, Associate Professor of Music and oboist Nora Lewis, Assistant Professor of Music and horn player Ann Ellsworth and Assistant Professor of Music and pianist Andrew Crooks performed a variety of classical