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Meditations On Music: Gerald Clayton Trio

Pianist Gerald Clayton performed the 2016-17 Jazz Series’ third concert this past Friday, Feb. 24. Joined by his trio of bassist Bob Hurst and drummer Eric Harland, the concert also featured tenor saxophonist Dayna Stephens, who played with them during the whole concert. Before the show, the quartet minus Harland did an insightful Q&A, discussing

Meditations on Music: Kane Mathis Duo

The Kane Mathis Duo performs in Harper Hall. Photo by Angelica Hurtado There is nothing quite like starting off Midterm Reading Period with two hours of relaxing world music. On Wednesday, Feb. 8, I, along with many other students and a handful of Appletonians, were able to kick back and relish in an impressive performance

Meditations on Music: Jazz Faculty Big Band Concert

Any student in the jazz department is undoubtedly familiar with the faculty jazz combo and its various combinations, but concerts from the big band are a whole lot rarer. Fortunately, though, their talents did not go unheard on Feb. 1 when they performed the music of Dave Rivello, a bandleader and teacher at Eastman. Written

Meditations on Music: Sofar Sounds Appleton Concert

Sofar Sounds is a worldwide organization that builds concerts upon community, mystery and the idea that music is of upmost importance. The concerts are hosted in intimate settings that the attendees do not know until the night before, and the artists performing are not revealed until the event. On January 27, I, along with a

Meditations on Music: Andrew Cole’s Composition Recital

Students perform as part of Andrew Cole’s composition recital. Photo by Taylor Blackson   Tucked away in the Esch-Hurvis Room on Friday night, Jan. 20, was Visiting Assistant Professor of Music Andrew Cole’s composition recital. With a thoughtfully put-together program exploring the places Cole has lived, the five pieces also showed the complex inner workings

Meditations on Music: Some Favorite Albums of 2016

The following are albums released in 2016 that I found myself listening to a lot, that I have not reviewed previously and that did not get the attention they so deserved. In no particular order…   Mild High Club’s “Skiptracing”   You will be hard-pressed to find a more relaxing album for contemplation from this