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Cultural Competency Lecture on Islamophobia

Cultural Competency Lecture on Islamophobia

Associate Professor of Religious Studies Martyn Smith delivered this week’s Cultural Competency lecture on Islamophobia. Photo by Larissa Davis. In order to bring awareness to Islamophobia, Associate Professor of Religious Studies Martyn Smith gave a cultural competency lecture titled, “Islam in America: The Success Story of Dearborn, Michigan.” This lecture and the discussion that followed

Astronomer delivers Convocation on Earth

Phil Plait is an accomplished astronomer, author and blogger. Photo by David Baldwin. Phil Plait—author, astronomer, skeptic and blogger—was the third speaker for the 2018-19 Convocation Series. Plait’s speech, “Strange New Worlds: Is Earth Special?”, was held in Memorial Chapel at 11:10 a.m. on Thursday, Jan. 17. As has become custom, in President Mark Burstein’s

Listening Session held by new Title IX Coordinator

In order to engage in a conversation about the Title IX process and education with the Lawrence University community, new Title IX Coordinator Shaniqua Crawford conducted a Title IX Listening Session. This conversation took place on Jan. 15 at 4:30 p.m. in the Warch Campus Center Cinema. Through this conversation, Lawrence community members were given

Annual Rocky Horror Picture Show shadowcast put on by PEP

The production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show was acted out in front of the movie screen in the Cinema. Photo by Allegra Taylor. Lawrence University’s Prescribed Escape Productions (PEP) put on the annual “Rocky Horror Picture Show” at the Warch Campus Center Cinema this past weekend. Only having bought the rights for one day,

UW-Madison Professor delivers Convocation on political listening

Professor of Political Science and the Natalie C. Holton Chair of Letters & Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Katherine Cramer delivered Tuesday’s Convocation on politics and tolerance. Photo by Isaac Wippich. Professor Katherine Cramer of University of Wisconsin-Madison was the second speaker for the 2018-19 Convocation Series. Cramer’s speech, “Listening Well in a World

“Smash the Binary” discusses nonbinary genders

Instructor of Gender Studies Helen Boyd Kramer with Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion Kimberly Barrett. Photo by David Baldwin. With the goal to educate students, faculty, staff and other community members about topics that will help the local and global community work together, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion sponsored a lecture called “Smash