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Staff Editorial: An unfortunate truth about networking

By now many Lawrentians, but especially seniors, are beginning to consider the prospect of ditching old jeans for slacks and sharing a cubicle with a disenchanted fifty-something worker in the ‘real world.’ It can be a sobering thought.  Adding to this frustration is the often-necessary process of networking. Presented as a casual chance to simply

Keep the legal drinking age at twenty-one

When I was a sophomore in high school, I was required by the school to take a Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) course simply titled “Health.” Sure, there were some blurbs about nutrition and exercise and why 15-year-olds shouldn’t powerlift, but the core of the class revolved around anti-drug and alcohol propaganda so idealistic, so

Young the Giant’s sophomore effort “Mind over Matter” falls flat musically

Young the Giant released their sophomore attempt “Mind over Matter” on Tuesday, Jan. 21. Unfortunately, the album did not prove to be anything more than just that. While the tracks were completely adequate in sound and melody, none of them stood out as markedly impressive, which is unusual for the band. To be fair, their

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor, Remember this? Ramón Castellano Lawrence University, Class of 2016 Religious Studies & Government President, Chi Rho Honor Society – Delta Chapter Remember when email signatures were short, informative and relevant? I’m wondering what happened. Today, I see far less of what’s above and far more—well, far more everything. Students today are making their

The downside of ‘learning to live’ on a residential campus

College is meant to be a time to learn skills that will help you as an adult. Getting a job, being able to form a well-rounded opinion, writing and communication skills are all things that our liberal arts education seriously improves over our four-year stay. However, while we are off living on a residential campus,

Surfer Blood’s sound suffers in “Pythons”

Surfer Blood’s first album, “Astro Coast,” was a distorted electronic pop-rock album full of indie hits. Their sophomore release, “Pythons,” cleans up the sound and makes it slightly more poppy. This change has equal pros and cons. While the first album had a really unique and interesting sound, “Pythons” ventures into a more mainstream territory,