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Not PC? Fine with me.

It does not take long when watching Fox News to realize how much some people hate political correctness. Especially among the right, there seems to be a consensus that it is harming the fabric of American identity. Arguments of free speech, hurt feelings and even national security are constantly used to attack political correctness. Ted

The Two Mambas

April 13, 2016 was a historic day for basketball. On this faithful Wednesday night, the world witnessed Kobe Bryant’s last game. Tallying an impressive 60 points, four assists and one block, the “Black Mamba” solidified his legacy. At 37, Kobe leaves behind innumerable feats that revolutionized the game. The Mamba’s basketball life will certainly live

Yik yak yuck

For those of you who have not caught up with 21st century, Yik Yak is an anonymous forum where individuals within a locality can communicate. Characterized by the anonymity that it gives users, Yik Yak has already caused furor on our campus with students finding all sorts of offensive and distasteful content. As you might

Changes need to be made in how we prevent assault

I would like to begin this piece with a warning for anyone who is not comfortable reading about sexual abuse—especially regarding students or minors. As recent statements by The Lawrentian Editorial Board reaffirm, the purpose of journalism is to improve reporting and discourse, not to exploit a tragic situation. In the following paragraphs, I will

Living in a galaxy: segregation outside the Lawrence Bubble

By Oswaldo Gomez On Nov. 5, a crowd of students, faculty and Appleton residents gathered at the Lawrence Memorial Chapel to listen to the words of Ta-Nehisi Coates, a rising star in journalism. Coates delivered a breathtaking speech that examined racial issues in modern America. From mass incarceration, police brutality and even parenthood, the speech