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The History of American Political Liberalism and Social Activism

Social activism is a proactive attempt to right the societal wrongs of society through the centralization of marginalized voices through various liberation movements. Social justice work mirrors the myriad of political, economic, social and spiritual ideologies coalescing in various manifestations without one central school of thought dominating discourse. However, political liberalism has melted into social

Staff Editorial: Sensational Reporting and Political Activism

Throughout this past election cycle, Americans have witnessed a rise in sensational reporting. This election was so aggrandized that it often seemed like spectacle rather than crucial nationwide changes. With a continuous flow of news coverage of each candidate’s respective scandals, the media has brought to the forefront certain issues and let others sit in

STAFF EDITORIAL: Political diversity is a good thing

Lawrence prides itself on an academic atmosphere in which students’ views are challenged, and broadened as a result. Outside of the academic realm, however, Lawrence’s campus community is largely a liberal echo chamber—a place with a chilling effect on more conservative voices and ideas. Regardless of one’s political beliefs, this sort of atmosphere poses many