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The Polarization of American Politics

According to the Pew Research Center, “55 percent of Democrats say that the Republican Party makes them ‘afraid,’ while 49 percent of Republicans say the same about the Democratic Party”. When asked about whether the other party’s policies threaten the nation, 45 percent of Republicans believe this exemplifies the Democratic Party and 41 percent of

Why you don’t love either candidate

Both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are using mudslinging tactics in this election cycle. This is nothing new—mudslinging, or making the opposing candidate look bad, is a popular tactic that has been shown to work. However, the prevalence of its use on media outlets that Americans are constantly exposed to has drastically increased even in

Letter to the Editor: Danny Davis

To The Editor, One of the strongest themes in this election cycle is the public outcry of injustice against our most vulnerable citizens, but I believe that in many ways, individuals of mental illness have been silent victims in this election cycle. The mental health of the major candidates running for office is frequently challenged.

Outside the voting booth

Over the last two weeks, Lawrence students and Appleton community members have had the opportunity to see many presidential candidates and political figures in action as Appleton becomes a popular destination on their campaign trails. This is also a great opportunity for community members to let their voices be heard, whether by protest signs or

President Clinton visits Lawrence University

On Friday, April 1, former President Bill Clinton delivered a speech to an overflow crowd in the Warch Campus Center’s Somerset room to drum up support for Hillary Clinton’s campaign prior to the Wisconsin primary elections. Speaking to a crowd that contained a significant number of Lawrentians, President Clinton tailored his speech to the interests

Sochi to secession in the Crimean Penninsula

Barely had the Winter Olympics concluded than Russia came under the global spotlight once again. The billions of dollars and seven-year-long effort Russia invested in creating a positive international image have been sent down the drain in less than a week. This seems to be a bizarre move considering how much is at stake for