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Guest professor lectures on historical erasure of women’s poetry

Guest professor lectures on historical erasure of women’s poetry

Many students and faculty members attended the talk which took place in Main Hall. Photo by Allegra Taylor After Dr. Alexandra Socarides published her book “Dickinson Unbound: Paper, Process, Poetics,” she found herself asking a question that she’d wondered about since her undergrad but hadn’t had the ability to answer. “Why is Emily Dickinson the

Visiting professor lectures on theatre traditions

The Elias String Quartet performs in the Lawrence Memorial Chapel. Photo by Hikari Mine   On Thursday, Feb. 2, Professor Gillian Rodger held a lecture in Harper Hall entitled “Negotiating the Unfamiliar World of Nineteenth Century American Popular Theatre.” An ethnomusicologist and professor at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Rodger lectured on this obscure yet highly

Secret lives of our profs: Assistant Professor of biology Brian Piasecki

Assistant Professor Brian Piasecki’s life revolves around dissecting questions about living things and figuring out how they work. This Assistant Professor of Biology has been teaching at Lawrence since 2011, but he is far from his hometown, Plano, Texas. Piasecki describes it as “a pretty suburban place with lots of strip malls and roads and