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Letters to the Editor: Snowflakes and Nazis: A Personal Commentary on Recent Events

At this point, I cannot hope to persuade anyone of anything. Views were cemented early on, and have only been further entrenched. Persuasion, however, is not my intention. I aim merely to introduce another perspective. I question the usefulness of this, when the quagmire of opinion is already neck deep. Yet, the community shows no

Letters to the Editor: Recent Free Thought Event

The mission of Students for Free Thought is to create a place to examine controversial issues rationally, scientifically and objectively. Last Wednesday, May 17, we hosted an event to address the issue of free speech, especially as it relates to comedy. We showed a documentary that presents a perspective on this topic not usually voiced

Recent Advances in Biology: Comparative Analysis

On Monday, May 8, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire Associate Professor of Biology Jamie Lyman Gingerich presented her research at Lawrence University. The presentation was titled, “Zebrafish, C. elegans and Human Polycystic Kidney Disease: Identifying Potential Disease Biomarkers through Comparative Analysis.” It was held in Steitz Hall Room 102 from 3:10 to 4:10 p.m. Dr. Lyman

Recent grad joins Campus Safety team

Upon graduation, Lawrentians take their first tentative steps into the “real world.” Josh “Blue” Mosley ‘16, a recent addition to the Campus Safety team, has decided not to wander very far. With aspirations for a career in law enforcement, Mosley hopes to gain valuable experience right here at Lawrence. Like many Campus Safety officers, Mosley

PCDA Recent Appointments

Last Tuesday, Oct. 18, the President’s Committee on Diversity Affairs (PCDA) closed its roster selection for new members. The PCDA set the goal of promoting diversity within the Lawrence community and curriculum, thereby encouraging a more inclusive campus community. “Diversity brings us into contact with different experiences and perspectives, helping us to question our beliefs