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Lawrence announces plans to hire dean of religious and spiritual life

This past August, Lawrence University received a generous donation from Tom Hurvis to honor his wife Julie Esch Hurvis and to establish a new position at Lawrence: dean of religious and spiritual life. Next week, a committee will begin the search to put someone in place for the 2016-17 academic year. Lawrence has also hired

Religious pressure on the Appalachian Trail

On our ORC trip along the Appalachian, we were often met with little tailgating stations called “trail magic,” tables often spread with granola bars, fresh coffee, water bottles and other small refreshments for weary hikers. These stations were set up mostly by Southern Baptist Congregations, who, for those who are unfamiliar, hold the teachings and

Panel on female veiling contrasts ideas of repression and self-expression

The Lawrence chapter of Amnesty International hosted an open discussion in the Esch Hurvis Studio on the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 18, titled “The Hijab Debate: Exploring the Political and Cultural Contexts.” The faculty panel consisted of Associate Professor of Anthropology Carla Daughtry and Visiting Associate Professor of History Michael Robert Mahoney. Sophomore and president

Letter to the Editor

In response to Mr. Doreza’s article in the November 8th, 2013 issue of The Lawrentian: Mr. Doreza employed some ridiculous anti-logic when he lampooned atheists in last week’s edition of The Lawrentian. Doreza’s arguments about atheism suffer from ignorance regarding atheism’s status in both the Lawrence community and the broader country. While it is true

Ask a fifth-year: Religiously divided roommates

Dear Will, I am a Christian and my roommate is an atheist. We have so far been very friendly with each other and haven’t discussed our beliefs much, but she often makes passing comments about religious people being unreasonable and unintelligent, which tend to offend me. I understand that part of being a liberal arts