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Ask a fifth-year: I bless the rains down in Appleton

 Dear Sarah, WHAT IS THE GREAT MIDWEST TRIVIA CONTEST? —Totally Sober Appleton Cops Battling the Twerking Iowan Trivia Pirates (Aaaarrrgghhhh)   Dear Appleton Cops, Trivia is fun. Trivia is amazing. Trivia is SKULL SQUADRON (skull squadron). Trivia is death and destruction hour (or possibly dungeons and dragons hour). Trivia will take over campus and your

Ask a fifth-year: The VR, Also Known As the Very Rad Viking Room

Dear Sarah, I’m a student in the conservatory and I always hear upperclassmen talk about going to the VR after an especially taxing and frustrating rehearsal. What exactly is the VR? Where is it? Is it as magical as everyone says it is? — Impatiently Waiting to Grow Up   Dear Impatiently, You are correct,