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Compiled by Ben Hollenstein Spain In the latest news around Catalonia’s bid for independence from Spain, Catalonia President Carles Puigdemont and other regional leaders signed a declaration of independence on Tuesday, Oct. 10. However, they have put off implementing the document and the actual declaration for several more weeks. The announcement was dismissed by the

World News

Compiled by Dannielle Konz Spain In Catalonia on Sunday, Oct. 1, almost 900 people were hurt as authorities attempted to stop a controversial independence referendum from going forward. Voters showed overwhelming support for a secession from Spain, but Spain’s top court banned the vote. Officers from the national police and Civil Guard confiscated ballot papers

Student answers the call of international excursion in Spain

After hearing all my friends’ Spring Break stories, I feel it is time that I make some public blanket statements about my trip to Moorish Spain.   I’ve been appropriately humble when breaking down my itinerary to my friends, but now is my chance to drown everyone in rave reviews of southern Iberia.  I want to