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The underappreciated art of the deadlift

In July 2016, Britain’s Eddie Hall deadlifted 500 kg (1102lbs) at the strongman World Deadlift Championships. The equivalent of a half metric ton, this incredible feat of strength added 35 kg/77 lbs to the previous world record. Once deemed impossible, this lift shook the earth in the strength community. And yet, this astronomical lift went

Athlete Profile: A true one-year wonder in Peyton Hillis

Football is the closest thing in America to a gladiator sport — it’s no surprise that superstars fall apart every year between injuries, stress and personal issues. As we know it now, football will never be a completely safe game, and some top-tier players will have their careers cut short. Sometimes, though, an unstoppable force

Unusual Sports: Calcio Storico — a vicious sport of papal origins

Calcio Storico is a very popular sport for the Italians, an ancient game dating back to the 15th century. Unlike most sports, though, it only takes place in Florence, Italy. You also must be born in Florence to compete in it. There are four teams, each representing Florence’s original historical neighborhoods: Santa Maria Novella (Reds),