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Staff Editorial: Every Lawrentian should take UNIC 117

Many Lawrentians have gone through the American school system. Unfortunately, this is essentially a cookie cutter system that emphasizes test-taking ability, labels students, and not much else. As a result, students have emerged feeling as if their worth is tied to their academic success. Many Lawrentians melt down over a grade that doesn’t match their

Staff Ed: Is it getting hot in here? Young activists tackle climate change

Sixteen-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg captured the world’s attention this month after an emotional speech at the 2019 UN climate action summit. Thunberg told world leaders, “You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty words.” Thunberg’s sentiments resonated with a generation of young people who feel powerless in the face of world

Staff Editorial: Concerning the Bon App Monopoly

Lawrence, similar to many other college campuses across the nation, contracts Bon Appétit as the sole dining service provider on campus. With Bon Appétit having the monopoly, especially in Warch—a space that most Lawrentians utilize for everything from studying and eating to hosting events and important functions—students have limited options when it comes to dining

Staff Editorial: Fix the RLA Program

As the deadline of signing up to be a campus community leader—namely the Resident Life Advisor (RLA) and the CORE Leader positions for the 2017-18 school year—passed earlier this week, discussions around the merits of these roles as well as their drawbacks has surfaced. As seen from the previous year’s RLA and CORE Leaders selection,

Staff Editorial: Sensational Reporting and Political Activism

Throughout this past election cycle, Americans have witnessed a rise in sensational reporting. This election was so aggrandized that it often seemed like spectacle rather than crucial nationwide changes. With a continuous flow of news coverage of each candidate’s respective scandals, the media has brought to the forefront certain issues and let others sit in

Staff Editorial: Don’t forget about Appleton

The results of Tuesday’s election are a disaster for our nation, for our communities and for our friends. Gay marriage, abortion, immigration reform, healthcare, Syrian refugees, guns—we took our three steps forward and now, thanks to The Donald, we have been shoved thirty back. Community gatherings this week have been a beacon of hope. Student

Staff Editorial: We are not a healthy campus

This August, Lawrence University received the 2016 Healthy Campus Award from the nonprofit Active Minds in recognition of recent efforts to increase awareness about campus mental and physical health. While this award and these efforts should be celebrated, it is worth noting that this award does not reflect the effectiveness of such measures or Lawrentians’