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Staff nomination: Neil Gaiman

Last Wednesday, the Chair of the Committee on Public Occasions, Phillip Swan, informed students they can now nominate speakers for the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 Convocation Series. This level of foresight is encouraged and applauded, as students have often complained about the selection of Convocation speakers. All students were encouraged to submit, and in that spirit,

Staff Editorial: Hey, who turned off the parks?

The United States government’s last shutdown was in 1994. Last year, Congress dodged the fiscal cliff at the last hour and most experts expected an eleventh hour deal this time as well. However, as the clock ticked towards midnight, both parties entrenched themselves in their ideologies, determined to delay or enable ‘Obamacare.’ Rhetoric and threats

Staff Editorial: Preaching to the choir

Last Thursday, LUCC’s Committee on Diversity Affairs (CoDA) held a second “Let’s Talk about Race at Lawrence” forum. Though moderately well attended, the forum barely reached one-third of the first forum’s 60-person attendance, hinting at a greater problem on campus. We at The Lawrentian have observed a pattern of student involvement in critical social issues