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Staff Editorial: High cost of off-campus study creates an unfair financial obstacle

For many Lawrentians, the opportunity to study abroad is one of the biggest highlights of their four years and achieves the university’s goal of transforming us into globally minded individuals. However, for many students, studying abroad is not a feasible option. While the failure to meet academic requirements is one reason preventing students from going

Theory Versus Reality of Studying Abroad

Winter at Lawrence University is the time when students begin considering the possibility of studying abroad. As droves of students return from their fall programs and application deadlines for next year loom closer, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities and logistics of spending a term—or more—away from campus. However, returning

The Lawrence majors’ language barrier

I scratched my head over a dimly lit desk at my grandmother’s house over vacation one night, poring over the endless mess of charts and checklists I had made. I was kicking myself for failing to understand the seemingly elementary logic behind figuring out if I could potentially double-major in both government and philosophy. It

Around the world and back: Dozens of students return after studying abroad

This Winter Term, students who studied abroad during the fall are back on campus and in class. Of the 86 students who studied off campus, 77 are back on campus, with a few students doing full-year programs. Many students struggle with readjusting to everyday Lawrence life after their unique six-month absence, but new services this