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Artist Spotlight: Evangeline Werger

Artist Spotlight: Evangeline Werger

Photo by Taylor Blackson During her freshman year, senior Evangeline Werger saw Chicago-based sextet Eighth Blackbird perform a concert that changed her life.  “That was the moment I just knew,” Werger said, “that was exactly what I had to be doing. […] This was also the first time I looked on stage and saw people

Breathe: Beyond Spectacle A Powerful Meditation

“Someone plays cello underwater?” “A diver?” “Melodica in a kayak?” “How is this possible?” I fielded many of these incredulous questions as I tried to explain “Breathe” to my shocked friends and family who couldn’t believe such a production was possible. To be honest, I could barely believe it myself.  I first heard of “Breathe”

Cultural Competency Lecture educates on controversial art

The talk was given by Assistant Professor of Art History, Curator of the Wriston Art Center Galleries and Museum Studies Interdisciplinary Area Program Director Beth A. Zinsli and Associate Professor of Art History Elizabeth Carlson. Photo by Taylor Blackson. To teach attendants how to discuss controversial art, the cultural competency lecture “More Than Meets the

Easily Amused “The Warch Cinema Incident”

Comedian Lafayette Wright performs in Warch Cinema. Photo by Taylor Blackson. On the evening of Friday, Nov. 2, comedian Lafayette Wright performed in the Warch Cinema. Wright is a veteran of the Washington, D.C. comedy scene and has recently been featured on Kevin Hart’s Comedy Central show “Hart of the City.” He now performs regularly