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March brings the madness

With April showers arriving, spring has sprung. With this change of season comes the end of the 2016-2017 NCAA basketball season. While many went mad over the men’s division one tournament, results from all three divisions are worthy of note. In the division three women’s tournament, Amherst College came out on top, defeating Tufts in

Ultimate Frisbee soaks up some sun at Myrtle Beach

Over spring break, the Lawrence University Ultimate Frisbee team made its annual pilgrimage to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The team competed in the High Tide Ultimate spring break tournament, and spent time training and bonding as a team. In the tournament, the Vikings faced teams from all over the country, including teams from Princeton, UW-

Insufficient Meal Plan Options

By Theodore Kortenhof In most cultures, including Western culture, people’s daily food requirements are met through the consumption of three daily meals. Lawrence University does not conform to this standard, as its current meal plan only provides students with two meals per day. This quirky plan leaves students hungry, and should be changed. I propose a

I need an NCAAmbulance: Medical care in the NCAA

By  Theodore Kortenhof Intercollegiate athletic competition is a great way to foster bonds between colleges and students. However, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s (NCAA) management of college athletes is riddled with issues and exploitation. The NCAA should do a better job to support athletes in the event of athletic injuries. I am a varsity athlete

Keeping campus clean

By Theodore Kortenhof Lawrence has a beautiful campus. However, the seemingly immaculate greens are stricken with a problem. Lawrence’s students rarely do their part to keep campus clean. If one takes a minute to look, it is hard not to notice the Bon Appétit dishware perched atop garbage cans, the garbage nestled in the lawns