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“How could this happen?”

This article contains content about mass shootings and terrorism. Anyone with access to the internet could open their phones or laptops Monday morning, open Facebook and see the headlines, all saying something along the lines of: “50 Dead, 200 Injured in Deadliest Shooting in Modern U.S. History.” Since initial reports, these numbers have increased to

This Month in Lawrence History: April

Lawrentians intended to march down College Avenue as part of a nationwide anti-war demonstration in 1936. Photo courtesy of the Lawrence University Archives.   The feelings of excitement and liveliness are spreading across campus as spring term is beginning on campus. Students can finally go outside without having our faces go numb to hang out

Is it a sport? Eat this article

This week, I examine whether or not competitive eating can be considered a sport. To be defined as a “sport,” an activity must include the following: competition between participants who are in direct opposition to each other; some level of physical and mental capacity, such as agility, strength or endurance. Competitive eating meets these criteria,

New provost to start this year

Photo courtesy of the Office of Communications   As Lawrentians celebrated the holidays over winter break, President Mark Burstein announced the selection of our future provost and dean of the faculty, Catherine Gunther Kodat. The selection committee was drawn to Kodat’s experience, temperament and love of the liberal arts. They believe these qualities make Kodat

Maditude Adjustment: I’ve Heard of Hibernation, But This Is Ridiculous

These sunny days aren’t fooling me. I know the day I return to campus after break, this campus will be buried in snow and ice. I never knew how much winter could suck until I moved to Wisconsin. It’s not just the temperatures, which I admit are brutal on my Californian sensibilities, but the way

This Month in Lawrence History: October

Milwaukee-Downer Sundial unveiled for the first time in 1975. Photo courtesy Lawrence University Archives With the changing leaves on the trees, the pumpkin and apple flavored deserts in Andrews Commons and dusting off of your favorite sweater after months of being buried away in your closet, it isn’t hard to tell that October is in