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Margins: Gone

The day was unusually bright. The air unusually still. Eric felt the oppressive weight of the heat in his veins. There had been a surge in the amount of cases like Stuart Novach. Like the little girl with the burned arm. Like the people were no longer content with the ways they were being taught,

Margins: Misdemeanor

There was one drawback to Eric’s job.  He took a deep breath, steeled himself against the kid’s tears. This was illegal. The kid was doing something illegal.  “Please, mister, I just like the sounds. I swear — I swear no one else even knows!” Eric fastened the jacket securely. “It’s against the law, kid. Plain

Margins: Eric

Eric is dissatisfied.  He watches the shadow swing back and forth over the nothing spread out before him, and he would much rather be doing anything else.  He flips over onto his back, darkening the tint of his solar visors. He imagines that this must be a lot like night was like. To be able

Margins: “After”

After the fires burnt out, all that was left were shells Whispers of smoke escaped their walls every once in a while All day and night, echoes of former life reverberated Reaching far into the wide abyss they once occupied Mountains covered in ash Wind full of the past Abrasive as it erodes what is

Margins: “Dani”

Dani knew there were more shapes than the ones listed in the workbook. Knew there were indescribable things in the world that were beautiful, though indefinite. Knew the danger of knowing these things. At first, the shapes only appeared behind closed eyes. In the dark when there was nothing there to deny their tangibility. But

Margins: “Stuart”

Stuart shields his eyes from the glare of the hot sun. He can hear his uncle now, in a gruff voice that betrayed his loving and tender nature, saying, “You have to remember your glasses.” Well, Stuart hated his glasses. They were unbecoming. Or at least he thought they were. He still wasn’t entirely sure

Margins: Breathe

The metal shines, but it’s all wrong. The glint of the sun warps, tilts, shifts.  In. Out.  It looks alive. It looks both burning and freezing, like the threat of bodily harm may be worth it. Another light flare disturbs the air, and a great metallic breath is taken. In. Out. A trick of the

Margins: Alicandra

They fall like water droplets from the sky.  Slowly at first, spattering the ground in patterns that seem calculated.  Then they pick up speed, mottling the intricate designs, blurring away all shape and form.  Their shower becomes dense, a translucent wall. If she leans forward, just a few inches, she can stretch her right arm,